International Trade

MAH TRADING trades products from a broad spectrum of industrial sectors on behalf of its international customers. The products range from machinery and installations through components and replacement parts from metal, plastic, paper and wood processing industries; and also in the field of Recycling products all the way to raw materials gained from mining and agriculture, as well as the textile industry, and food and beverage industry.



MAH TRADING is focused on a desire to provide a personal and intuitive service in the logistics and freight forwarding sector. Created with our customers in mind, we are committed to delivering quality service to companies who are looking for a superior logistics partner. MAH TRADING offer an exceptional level of service that creates trust and partnership between our clients and ourselves. MAH TRADING is built on years of experience and devotion in the ever changing logistics world. We will give you solutions, successes and satisfaction.  


Export Financing

Our customers are often faced with inadequate national refinancing options for necessary investments. MAH TRADING makes these investments possible by buying the appropriate goods from the respective manufacturers and reselling the goods to their customers under attractive financing terms and conditions – depending on the creditworthiness and the nature and the size of the business. On this basis, we provide our customers with supplier’s credit at attractive rates for their imports and arrange buyer’s credit for major investments in cooperation with national and international financial institutions. MAH TRADING’s far-reaching network consisting of banks, financial institutions, export credit agencies (ECAs) and private credit insurers helps make this possible.  


International Sales

We maintain a network of international sales agents and partner companies across the globe. Our focus is the Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt, where we have partner companies we have worked with for decades. MAH TRADING is therefore the contact of choice for all medium-sized companies that are looking to start up or expand marketing and sales activities in Africa and Asia.